Best Stethoscope For Nurse - Ultimate Guide And Review 2020

By Lorna Emard, April 04, 2020 09:00 AM

As a healthcare facilitator, nothing is more important than identifying any abnormality in the heartbeat of the patient. Whether you are a doctor or nurse working in either cardiology or respiratory department, to hunt down that single beat, you need the best nursing stethoscope. The stethoscope from a well-reputed company will provide reliable performance and high-quality sound auscultation when you are examining the condition of the patient. 

stethoscope for nurse

Besides being durable and reliable, the best stethoscope for nurse should also be comfortable to wear and light in weight so you can carry it around easily. With so many different designs and brands of nursing stethoscopes emerging in the market, finding the best one for yourself can be quite a daunting task. However, if you know what you are looking for, then picking out the best stethoscope will be a relatively easy decision. To help you reach a choice about what is the best stethoscope for nurses, I have put together an in-depth review and buying guide so that you can buy the best stethoscope for nurses. Let’s check out the Best Stethoscope for Nurses.

Recommended Best Stethoscope For Nurses

Since choosing the best stethoscope from the lot is not an easy task, I have picked the top four stethoscope recommendations for you. These four stethoscopes are highly ranked as they are manufactured by well-reputed companies and have gained the trust of nurses and doctors globally. I suggests the 3M Littmann Classic II stethoscope as the best stethoscope for nursing students.

Since nurses don't need to perform any complex examinations, this nursing stethoscope is a perfect choice. It is ideal for day to day use and can also be brought in use in cases of emergency. We will first have an overview of my top recommended stethoscope for nurses.

In case you want to consider more options, I have covered a detailed review of all the top four stethoscope suggestions.

3M Littmann Classic III

  • Perfect for monitoring and assessing children.
  • Color: 21 colors
  • Detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms.
  • Tunable diaphragms on both the adult and pediatric sides.
  • Warranty: 5 years

Littmann Cardiology IV

  • Chestpiece/ Material: Double Sided/Machined Stainless Steel
  • Color/Finishes: 9 Colors/ 7 Finishes
  • Tunable Diaphragm on Each Side of the Chestpiece
  • Tube Design:Dual Lumen Tubing
  • Warranty: 7 years

ADC Adscope 615

  • Chestpiece/ Material: Combination
  • Color: 25 Colors
  • Headset type: Clinician
  • Chestpiece: material:stainless
  • Chestpiece Finish: Satin
  • Eartip Type: Adsoft Plus
  • Warranty: depend on each product.

The Best Stethoscope For Nurse Out There: 3M Littmann 2141

 Master Classic II Stethoscope, Black, 27 inches

The Littmann Master Classic II is similar in design to the conventional stethoscopes found in the hospitals. It comes with a single-headed chest piece. It is relatively low in cost in contrast to other high-end stethoscopes, but that positively does not affect its quality. It has an award-winning design that is competitive to other expensive rivals and offers customization.

It is commonly considered that stethoscopes having single-headed chest pieces offer limited sound frequency. However, the single-headed chest piece of this stethoscope comes with a diaphragm that can be tuned.

This makes it quite convenient to record low and high frequencies and works similar to a dual-headed stethoscope. The angled design provides comfort when you are taking readings. 

If you are looking for budget-friendly nursing stethoscope options that will not cost you an arm and a leg, then this is an excellent choice to consider. We will further look into the details of the stethoscope in the review ahead.

3M Littmann 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope, Black, 27 inches

Pros and Cons of 3M Littmann 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope, Black, 27 inches


  • Affordable 
  • Award-winning design
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Latex-free material


  • Users might need some time to get accustomed to it.


The Littmann Master Classic II is similar in design to the conventional stethoscopes found in the hospitals. It comes with a single-headed chest piece. It is relatively low in cost in contrast to other high-end stethoscopes, but that positively does not affect its quality. It has an award-winning design that is competitive to other expensive rivals and offers customization.

In-depth Reviews Of The Top Stethoscopes For Nurses

If you want to check out some more cool stethoscopes then give these 4 a look. They are excellent stethoscopes with good functionality. Let's now dive into the details of the four best stethoscope for nurse practitioners.


ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope

The ADC Adscope 615 is undoubtedly an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a stethoscope under 100 dollars that can survive with you in the emergency call and long night shifts.

Accurate Diagnosis

It is crucial to have a quality stethoscope that can help in the accurate diagnosis of blood vessels, lungs, and heart conditions. ("American Diagnostic Corporation - Core Medical Device Manufacturer. Stethoscopes, Blood Pressure, Thermometry, and EENT", 2020).

Time-Saving Product (You don’t need to rush to a clinic to check your blood pressure)

The time and effort of both the patient and nurse are saved when you use a high-quality stethoscope. Adscope 615 is deemed as one of the best stethoscopes due to its accuracy. It can record high-frequency reading by doing a few modifications in the pressure.

For lower frequency, you can apply light pressure while the higher rate requires intense pressure. It is specially made from a material that adds to its comfort in use and sturdiness.

Non-Chill Diaphragm

Patients are often discomforted when the body comes in contact with the cold metal of a stethoscope. To counter this, this stethoscope has a non-chill diaphragm.


The Adscope 615 is manufactured with a stainless-steel finish with the chest piece being made from zinc alloy. The set includes a cardiology headset with stainless steel binaural that are angled at 15 degrees. Further, it has 22-inch tubing that can bend and soft silicone ear tips with two additional pairs.


Overall, the ergonomic design ensures that the nurses are comfortable throughout when they are using this stethoscope. The chest piece has been slightly increased in size in the ADC 615, which adds to the auscultation properties of the stethoscope

Doesn’t Snap

The headset has a double leaf spring inserted internally so you can easily keep the stethoscope in your pocket without having to worry about it losing its shape or snapping. Although this version does not come with a wide variety of finish options, it still has ten color schemes, which is distinct.


  • It amplifies the sound quite well
  • Suitable to be used for high and low-frequency sounds
  • Can be used for both adults and infants


  • The tubes are a bit long


The ADC Adscope 615 is undoubtedly an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a stethoscope under 100 dollars that can survive with you in the emergency call and long night shifts. You don't have to worry about the stethoscope giving out on you as it comes with a lifetime warranty. With dimensions of 12.8x1.5x6.5 inches, this stethoscope weighs around 12 ounces.


3M Littmann 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope, Black, 27 inches

The Littmann Classic II is popularly known due to its ease of use and the comfort that it offers to both nurses and patients. It won’t be wrong to call it one of the best Littmann stethoscope for nursing students. The tunable diaphragm, as mentioned above, is a highlighted feature of this stethoscope. It can pick up the same sounds like the bell on a dual-headed stethoscope.

Crisp Sounds

So, this means you are saved from the effort of changing between the bell and diaphragm back and forth. Although this stethoscope does not have the same design as the cardiology ones, it is still the best one for general usage. The high sound quality allows you to listen to crisp and clear sound without disturbances.

Longer Tube Length

The Littmann Master Classic II has a tube of length 27 inches, which is quite sufficient. The non-latex rubber used in the manufacturing of the tube avoids any staining. You can ensure the long lifespan of the tube by minimizing the exposure to alcohol or skin oils.


To protect the tube further from any damage, you can get a stethoscope cover for protecting the tube. The stethoscope weighs 5.7 ounces, which is moderate, not as heavy as the high-quality ones but not very light too. Just like other Littmann stethoscopes, this one also comes with three different ear tips. 

Reduced Ambient Noise

The ear tips are well designed and significantly reduce the ambient noise so you can hear clear sounds. Nurses and doctors like the rubber or soft sealing gel tips. The soft ear tips do not strain the ears, which adds to the convenience of the stethoscope.


For people who want a firmer seal, the top stethoscopes for nurses includes them so you can easily change, and it's ready to be used. The customization allows you to choose from a vast range of tubing colors and various chest piece styles so you can choose the one that suits your personality.


Due to the many benefits that the best stethoscope for a nurse offers, the resident doctors and nurses can give preference to it before they move on further in their careers. Thanks to the single head chest piece, this Littmann stethoscope for nurses is light in weight and easy to carry around.

High-Grade Diaphragm

With its multiple feature, the Littmann Classic II is the best stethoscope for doctors, cardiac nurses, and other medical professionals. The multi-purpose unit delivers quality service on demand. It features a high-grade, 1.75 inches diaphragm to capture low as well as high-frequency sounds.

Dual-Lumen Tubing

This makes it a functional unit for use on kids and adults. The bell comes in a decent size for good sound. The amplification of sound is also done correctly. The dual-lumen tubing minimizes outside noise as well as that made when the tubes rub against each other.

Adjustable and Comfortable

The well-angled tubes improve comfort and convenience. They are easy to adjust to suit the different ear canal angles as well as head shapes. Unlike other options, which generally have hard ear tips, which can be uncomfortable, this unit comes with smooth and soft ear tips. Other than being very comfortable, it's also durable.

Best Littmann stethoscope for nursing students


  • Budget-friendly option  
  • Award-winning design
  • Diaphragm is tunable
  • Free from latex
  • Adjustable and comfortable


  • You might not feel accustomed to it on the first try.


The Littmann Classic II is popularly known due to its ease of use and the comfort that it offers to both nurses and patients. It won’t be wrond to call it one of the best Littmann stethoscope for nursing students. The tunable diaphragm, as mentioned above, is a highlighted feature of this stethoscope. It can pick up the same sounds like the bell on a dual-headed stethoscope


3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

The 3M Cardiology IV stethoscope is one of the most recently manufactured stethoscopes by Littmann and is ranked among the best stethoscopes for medical students. It is not only well suited for people who do specialization in cardiology but also for those who give preference to a good quality acoustic stethoscope.

Acoustic Performance

For respiratory, cardiac, and abdominal auscultations, this stethoscope can distinctly capture the required frequencies. If you want more than a standard cardiology stethoscope, then this one won't certainly disappoint you. Due to its superior acoustic quality, the Littmann Cardiology IV has significantly been recognized by nurses and healthcare professionals.

Two Diaphragms

The chest piece design is incorporated with two diaphragms: one for pediatric, and the other one is for adults. Both the diaphragms are tunable. 

To avoid any rubbing noise that is caused by standard double tubes, the stethoscope has a single, double-lumen tube that directly delivers sound to each earpiece. In contrast to the 3M Littmann Classic III, this one has a sixty percent deeper bell while the chestpiece is forty percent larger in size.

Crystal Clear Sounds

Due to this, the stethoscope delivers a crisp and clear sound in contrast to other models. With the Littmann Cardiology IV, you will not encounter any difficulty in picking grade 2/5 murmurs. With an overall weight of 167 grams, this Littmann stethoscope is quite lighter in contrast to other cardiology stethoscopes by Littmann.

Extra-Ear Tips

Just like other Littmann stethoscopes, this one also comes with extra ear tips. These are soft seal ear tips that are widely preferred by users. You can switch to other styles if you want to.

Longer tube

The tube of the cardiology stethoscope is available in 22 and 27 inches. It is commonly believed that longer tubes mean better sound quality. However, the Littmann Cardiology IV delivers such high-quality sound that the difference between tubes is negligible. As expected, this stethoscope is also customizable, where the tubing is available in a vast range of colors.

Comes In Various Finishes

Moreover, the headpiece is available in smoke, black, and stainless-steel finishes so you can get the one that suits your personality. The latex-free tubing adds to the durability of the stethoscope, making it resistant to staining.

Parts Are Easier To Replace

Littmann has incorporated enhancements and has successfully reduced the overall weight in this version of the stethoscope. The Littmann Cardiology IV comes with a seven years warranty. If needed, you can easily get the components of a stethoscope if a replacement is required.

Requires Very Less Maintenance

There is little to no chance that you will need an order replacement as this stethoscope requires low-key maintenance. It won't be wrong to call the Littmann Cardiology the best-manufactured stethoscope by Littmann to date as it rarely has any faults in it. From design to usage, the stethoscope covers your needs without any compromise on the quality.

3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

Pro & Cons of 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope


  • Multiple customization options
  • Good quality acoustics
  • Dual-sided chest piece
  • Latex-free tubing
  • Anatomic design


  • Quite high priced


The 3M Cardiology IV stethoscope is one of the most recently manufactured stethoscopes by Littmann and is ranked among the best stethoscopes for medical students. It is not only well suited for people who do specialization in cardiology but also for those who give preference to a good quality acoustic stethoscope.


3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope

The Littmann Classic III is a flagship in the mid-range contemporary stethoscopes by Littmann. It is quite popular among both doctors and nurses due to its decent and straightforward features. It is suitable for general practitioners, clinical professionals, and nurses as it does not carry any sophisticated features.

Long Lasting

With long-lasting, versatile, and affordable design, this stethoscope is a good buy if you have recently gotten into the medical field. It works simply yet quite well. For people who want to consider more well-featured options, then they can opt for the Cardiology series.

Excellent Sounds

Excellent The Littmann Classic III allows you to listen to any sound you want, whether it is S3, S4 noises, grade 1 murmurs, etc. Thanks to the development and experience of Littmann over the decades in manufacturing, this stethoscope has exceptional acoustics.

Tunable Diaphragms

Just like other stethoscopes, this one also contains tunable diaphragms, which is one of the most highlighted features of Littmann stethoscopes. By applying variable pressure on the patient with the chest piece, you can easily detect and differentiate between high and low frequencies.

Dual Functionality

This innovation saves you from buying two stethoscopes where one has a traditional diaphragm for high frequencies, and the other has a bell for low frequencies. By changing the pressure exerted, both sides of the Littmann Classic III stethoscope can detect low and high frequencies.

The larger diameter of the chest piece does not work as the standard diaphragm, but instead with adult patients, it functions as a diaphragm and bell. On the other hand, the smaller chest piece side is to be used for pediatric patients. The dual functionality adds to the versatility of the Littmann Classic III stethoscope as you can. It is tailored for both adults and pediatric patients.

The smaller side of the chest piece can be turned into a traditional bell by replacing the diaphragm with a non-chill rim, which is included in the set. Similar to other Littmann stethoscopes in the series, the Classic III is manufactured from a steel alloy.


At the same time, some parts are made from anodized aluminum. For chest pieces, steel alloys are the best manufacturing material due to its high degree of sound conductivity. You can easily fold and keep the Classic III in your pocket as its content is resistant to pressure. It returns to its original shape even after you fold it. The tube has a length of 27 inches.

Alcohol and Skin-Oils Resistant

Besides, no phthalate plasticizers or latex has been used in its manufacturing, so it is resistant to both alcohol and skin oils.

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope

Pros and Cons of 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope


  • High acoustic sensitivity
  • Eco-friendly design and build
  • Tubing is available in the upgraded design
  • Ideal for both adults and infants
  • Customization options are available


  • Slightly expensive


The Littmann Classic III is a flagship in the mid-range contemporary stethoscopes by Littmann. It is quite popular among both doctors and nurses due to its decent and straightforward features. It is suitable for general practitioners, clinical professionals, and nurses as it does not carry any sophisticated features.

How to Pick the Best Stethoscope for Nurses?

The stethoscope is not only part of the medical uniform, but it is also essential equipment for guiding the nurses when they conduct physical examinations. It is nearly impossible to do an accurate and thorough examination in the absence of a reliable stethoscope for nursing school.

According to research, a stethoscope also leaves an impression on the patients that you can be trusted with their health. In short, regardless of how usually you use it, a stethoscope is an essential accessory to carry if you are a nurse. 

How to Pick the Best Stethoscope for Nurses

In many hospitals, nurses are required to carry their stethoscopes. Considering the frequency of the usage of a stethoscope, you should invest in something that stays with you for a long time. By putting in your money in a good stethoscope, you can avail the following benefits:



If you have ever used a cheap quality stethoscope, whether from the hospital or borrowed, you can agree on how uncomfortable it is on the ears. When you plan on getting your stethoscope, you can ensure that you get the one that is comfortable to use and fits you well. Stethoscopes having a mediocre quality can have some downsides that affect our comfort in the long run.


Ease of use

Stethoscope works as your sixth sense when you are examining the patient. With a good quality stethoscope with you, you can conveniently assess the patient in case he requires immediate examination.



Do you think it is safe to depend on a cheap stethoscope in case of an emergency? I bet your say is no. So, what's the point of getting a stethoscope that can't be used in actual times of need? A good stethoscope can reasonably last for a lifetime, which justifies the cost. Also, it would be difficult for you to perform proper auscultation if the stethoscope is not delivering a decent sound quality.

If you have recently gotten into the medical field, you might find it challenging to get the best stethoscope. To choose the best stethoscope, you should look over your daily needs. What is your budget? How frequently do you use the stethoscope? To help you with the process, I have put together the five essential things you should consider when buying your stethoscope.


Chest piece

Bronze and stainless steel ensure tight-fitting for the diaphragm and are good conductors of sound. Therefore, you can get a stethoscope whose chest piece is made of either of the two materials. A tight seal is essential in a stethoscope as air leaking in the diaphragm can significantly affect the sound quality.

The tube transfers the sound to your ears from the patient. This is why the material of the tube matters. It is easier to remember by understanding that the thicker the tube, the better it is. The thickness adds to the durability of the stethoscope.

It keeps it insulated so you can use the stethoscope easily in noisy environments too. For nurses with sensitive ears, a latex-free or rubber tube is recommended. Each different brand offers different features like resistance to alcohol or oil. Crack-resistant tubes are preferable as they won't wear out when you keep the stethoscope folded in your pock.



The diaphragm is an essential component of the stethoscope. Therefore, the stethoscope you choose must have high-quality diaphragm. Some companies have introduced tunable diaphragms that allow you to adjust the sensitivity by changing the intensity of applied pressure. The size of diaphragm really matters. The good quality diaphragms have length around 4.3 centimeters while the ones with lower quality have a diameter of about 3.5 centimeters


Use and price range

Besides the four essential components of the stethoscope mentioned above, the usage and cost of the stethoscope are also vital factors to consider. For example, if you are mostly examining infants and children, then it is better to get a stethoscope with a cute pattern. This will keep the child distracted as you assess their condition.

Accessories like covers of the stethoscope are designed with these things in mind. One of the questions that popped in your mind can also be how much is a stethoscope?

The price of the stethoscope can vary greatly from $30 to as much as $400 or above. If you are starting fresh as a trainee, you can invest in one of the budget models that can be replaced easily.

Later, when it's time for the update, you would have a clear idea of your specific needs in a stethoscope. For instance, if you need to listen to very faint sounds, then you can consider a high-priced stethoscope.

Different Types of Stethoscopes

Now that we have a general idea of the important factors, let's get into details of the different types of stethoscopes. This will help you in easily picking out the one that best suits your needs.



As the name suggests, these stethoscopes are used to assess patients with cardiac issues. It has a high sound quality to make it easier to differentiate between the different sounds of the heart. The stethoscopes are commonly bi-lumen, but this stethoscope is designed with a single tube, so no noise is generated from the rubbing of two tubes. This stethoscope is available in both single and double head chest pieces.



This stethoscope has a small headpiece, with the bell part being only three-fourth in diameter. The headpiece is specially made light in weight so it can be used easily on newborn babies and infants. A good stethoscope weight can be around 180 grams. Anything slightly higher is considered good but if it weighs much higher than that can decrease its convenience



The pediatric stethoscope is identical to the conventional stethoscopes, with the only difference being in the headpiece. This stethoscope has a smaller headpiece with a bell part measuring 1 inch. The diaphragm is well contoured for pediatric bodies.


Sprague Rappaport

This stethoscope comes with separate chest piece tubes for each of the earpieces. The tube is kept together with metal as they are connected to the headpiece separately. There are two chest pieces for producing high-quality sound.



Electronic stethoscopes are becoming increasingly popular as they can reduce the noise level and amplify sound quite well. However, for emergency cases, it is not considered as a wise option as it needs a charge and set to operate correctly.



Thanks to advancements in technology, you can easily find a stethoscope for hearing impaired nurses and doctors. These stethoscopes amplify the sound without being affected by the external noise. You can attach it to earphones, PDA, or any tape recorder.



These are commonly seen in the stethoscopes for general use. The single chest head can detect a wide range of frequencies carrying from high to low. The single head stethoscope is commonly used for taking lung auscultation and vital readings like a heartbeat.



The chest pieces with double heads consist of a bell and a diaphragm for versatility. It helps in differentiating the high and low frequencies. The bell is cup-shaped and is used for low frequencies. The diaphragm is flattened and works for the higher frequencies.



The triple head chest pieces are expensive and are of little to no use for nurses. Being advanced, these are used for physicians assessing patients with cardiac issues.

How to Buy the Best Nursing Stethoscope: Buyer's Guide

If you are buying a nursing stethoscope for the first time, then it is most likely that you would have many questions regarding your purchase. 

These queries are quite normal as a stethoscope is an essential piece of equipment for a nurse. I have covered the most frequently asked questions below, so your queries won't go unanswered.


How can I take care of my stethoscope?

It is recommended to clean the stethoscope between each patient by using a seventy percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or solution. The use of a sanitizer is not recommended as it carries several additives that can damage the stethoscope. Moreover, do not put the stethoscope through any sterilization process and avoid keeping it in any type of liquid. If sterilization is needed, you should opt for gas sterilization. Avoid using any solvent, oil, or extreme cold and heat.


I can't hear any sound from my stethoscope, what should I do?

First of all, you should ensure that your stethoscope's alignment is correct. Many of the stethoscopes are designed in a manner that they can be worn at the right anatomical angle.

This is to make sure that the stethoscope is well in line with your ear canal. Next up, your ear tips should fit well in your ear canals. Look out for any obstructions and check if they are adequately cleaned. The seal should be checked for a crack or loosening up. If none of this works, you can index the bell if your stethoscope has dual sides.

The bell or diaphragm can be opened by rotating the chest piece. The sound will not come through if the diaphragm is open, and the bell is closed.


How can I avoid stiffness in my stethoscope?

If you keep your stethoscope around your neck where it is exposed to skin all the time, then it carries a higher chance of becoming stiff. The stethoscope's tubing material can become hard if it is in contact with the skin for long periods. To avoid contact with your skin, it is recommended that you should wear a stethoscope over the coat or a collared shirt.


Should I change the diaphragm often to improve the performance of a stethoscope?

No, it is not advisable to regularly change the diaphragm of your stethoscope as it costs you more money and effort. The diaphragm should only be replaced in case of any damage. You can easily get spare parts of a stethoscope from an authorized supplier.

However, you should regularly maintain the cleanliness of the stethoscope and clean it between each patient. You can use seventy percent isopropyl alcohol or simply soap and water with a wipe. 


How should I store my stethoscope?

The stethoscope should be kept in the packaging or storage box that it came in when you bought it. You can also place it in a bag, drawer, locker, or briefcase. It should be protected from extreme heat, and you can keep it in the natural position in a cool place.


My stethoscope's tubing gets stained easily. How can I clean it?

I recommend the same as above (isopropyl alcohol or soap, water, and wipes) for the removal of stains. Another alternative is the usage of a two percent bleach solution. However, if the tubing is colored with red pigments like pink, peach, etc. then it's color will fade slightly if bleach is used.

Colored tubing is commonly found in stethoscopes for infants. Therefore, you can only use the bleach solution on non-pigmented stethoscopes where colored tubing does not matter. The bleach solution should be used on a limited scale and only when needed. Otherwise, soap water or isopropyl alcohol can do the job.


Does the sound quality of short and long tubing differ?

It is often said that the smaller the size of the tube, the better is the sound quality. This is true, but many people would only be able to tell the difference in sound quality if the length of the tubes varies greatly. The tubing length depends more on you as you should choose the one which is more convenient and comfortable for you. The ideal tubing length can be around 27 inches or 69 centimeters. A short tubing can have a length of 25 inches while the long one can have more than 30 inches.


Does tunable diaphragm carry any advantages?

Tunable diaphragms allow you to hear both high and low frequency sounds without having to remove the chest piece from the patient. This can easily be done, changing the intensity of pressure applied against the patient. The low-frequency sounds can be heard when pressing lightly, while for high-frequency sounds, you can push more firmly.


What are the advantages of a digital stethoscope?

The digital stethoscope carries many advantages, among which reliability is a significant benefit. It can improve the sound oscillation and amplifies it to deliver clear sound. It also allows for more control over frequency and has a digital feedback display.

Electronic stethoscopes are great for respiratory or cardiology specialists that want to tune into particular sounds for better assessment of the patient's condition with the help of digital display.

Although there are many advantages of electronic stethoscopes for specialists and healthcare professionals, you don't need to buy one of these for essential examinations. However, if a specialist wants to invest in a good stethoscope, then these digital ones are quite a suitable choice to consider.


Why has my stethoscope discolored?

The tubing of your stethoscope can lose its color due to multiple reasons. The three leading causes of this can be as follow:

  • Manufactured from cheap material: Stethoscopes that are made from low-quality material carry a higher chance of discoloring quite easily with everyday use. You have no role to play in this as the discoloration is simply a characteristic of the stethoscope. Therefore, it is better to spend a few extra dollars on a good quality stethoscope whose color will not fade away easily as it is made from better material.
  • Exposure to chemicals: As mentioned, multiple times in the article, it is ideal for cleaning your stethoscope with soap water or isopropyl alcohol. If you use harsh chemicals for disinfecting your stethoscope, not only will it damage but also cause discoloration of the stethoscope. To prevent this, you should always go through the manual and use the cleaner prescribed by the manufacturer of the stethoscope. 
  • Expose to extreme environments: Leaving your stethoscope out in direct sunlight or exposing it to extreme cold, hot, or damp conditions can also be among the reasons for discoloration. To avoid this, you should keep yours in a protective case or your locker. You should never leave the stethoscope out in places like your car, where it is likely to be exposed to high temperatures.

Now that we have looked at some of the frequently asked questions, let's look at some of the tips you can follow when using your stethoscope.

Tips for Using Your Stethoscope

Use proper auscultation technique

To ensure the appropriate alignment with ear canals, the earpieces should be angled slightly to your nose. Tilt the head of the stethoscope towards the right side. The stethoscope should be placed over the brachial artery when you are taking the blood pressure of a patient.

After placing the stethoscope in the right place, you should never put your thumb to hold it on top as it adds artifacts. Instead, keep it lightly between your thumb and finger at the base, with the tubing lying over the back of your hand. 

Tips for Using Your Stethoscope

Ensure that your ears are always clean

Besides ensuring the cleanliness of a stethoscope, it is equally important that your ears are clean too. One of the most common reasons for hearing loss is the blockage due to ear wax. Therefore, after disinfecting the stethoscope between patients, make sure that no dirt is clogging up the earpieces.

You don't have to adjust the ear pressure

Any changes to the applied pressure are retained in the eustachian tubes. It might feel different, but it does not affect the placement of the earpiece. The alteration in pressure can affect the sound conduction through your ears, which can make proper hearing a challenge.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Littmann Master Classic II can be declared as the best stethoscope due to its versatile features and easy usage that it offers for nurses.

The stethoscope you are interested in buying is dependent upon your needs daily and which kind of examinations you will be conducting using that stethoscope. You should first decide upon which feature is most important for you; whether you want an excellent tubing or a firm diaphragm etc.

The availability of a broad range of best stethoscopes for nurses can be confusing. Still, it also provides you with multiple options to choose from. For beginners, many models perform adequately and are fairly affordable.

Similarly, for medical professionals who need high acoustic performance for assessing and treating the patients, the best nursing stethoscopes are available.

Ultimate buying guide you need to know !

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